KARATE for women only

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Reborn in a feminine style, repel the opponent with just the technique!
Many models and actresses are also enrolled!

Why do you need Karate ?

Karate is the only way to protect yourself and your loved family. The women’s case that occurred in the world should have been almost completely prevented if you learn Karate. Neither the police, the lawyer nor the boyfriend will protect you. In the light of past events, they move only after you are killed. In other words, it is you who can protect you.  The risk of accepting bullying, abuse, abusive driving, indiscriminate killings will increase in the future.

Why is it for women only ?

Even men with physical disparities can always beat if they have no martial arts experience. Judo, Shorinji kenpo, and Taekwondo do their best with hard training, muscle and weight gain. It is in return for femininity and not your desired outcome. Karate’s purpose is to help vulnerable women avoid the damage by techniques alone. Clever woman  who wants to learn techniques and know-how that do not depend on physique and physical strength at the same time arrives at Karate as a result, while acquiring a feminine style rather than wanting to be a muscle fighter!

What kind of Karate ?

Former NEC employees research  martial arts all over the world and develop the new Karate with the offensive technique and the unique defensive one through logical artistic performance and brain strategies. Please use according to the situation and physical constitution. You should be fascinated by the so beautiful combination.

攻撃型のアムロ AMRO 防御型のシエル CIEL
Offense(AMRO)            Deffence(CIEL)

Can I do it even if I’m an inexperienced person ?

We target at inexperienced person. Please feel free to come to the experience if any of the following apply.

● I want no experience Karate once.

You can experience Karate once. Many traverllers come to do it.

● I have no confidence in myself.

It is the martial arts that you can strengthen your mind and body! Mastering Karate will give you a sense of freedom, confidence, and mental strength that will not be outdone in any way.

● I do not want to lose to bullying!

Teach you how to fight off bullying!

● Please tell me only practical techniques !

You do not do useless muscle training at all. Only practical techniques will be taught from the beginning!

● I want to fight off perverts and stalkers !

They never come near you.

● I want to improve my style !

It effects your shape up and hip up due to waist twists and kicks!

● I want to diet !

Trunk, legs and feet are forged, basic metabolism is up and it is difficult to get fat, and there is also a detox effect because it covers a lot of sweat. (There is no detox effect on esthetics and bedrock desires)


– If you hope to get the examination for promotion, 5,000 yen will be charged as a screening fee.

–  It will be upgraded when it reaches the examination standard that the instructor recognizes.

– Judge the skill of mainly the technique.

Grade Color 備考
2 Dan

Black (Gold line)

1 Dan Black
1 Kyu Brawn
2 Kyu Gray
3 Kyu Navy
4 Kyu Orange
5 Kyu Green
6 Kyu Yellow
7 Kyu Red
8 Kyu Blue
9 Kyu Light Blue
Beginner White Everybody starts with white belt.


1) Application for trial lesson

 You can have trial lesson on Suterday or Sunday.

    Please feel free to make your trial lesson resercatins

    at a convenient date and time.

2) Have trial lesson

 *You can take trial lesson as many times as you like.

3) Membership

 Once enrolled, you can attend as many times a month.


Admission fee 0 yen

During the campaign !

Only now free

0 yen

Monthly fee

 1) High school student or older

 2) Junior high school student or younger (Need Student ID )

8,000 yen

0 yen

During the campaign !
Junior high school students and below are free !

Trial lesson(1回。何度でも自由に参加) 3,000 yen


  • It is a full membership system.
  • You can take a lesson the place you like as below.
  • All instructors are two-tiered Karate player.

Nearest Station Parking fee Avarability
Akasaka St. 1000 yen Full
Roppongi St. 1000 yen Full
Shinjyuku St. 1000 yen Full
Shibuya St. 1000 yen Full
Musashi-Kosugi St. 600 yen Full
Musashi-Shinjyo St. 0 yen Empty


・Dressing is free.
・Please prepare sports wear and towel at the first time.
・We recommend the following clothing, gloves and supporters to protect your wrist and ankle as you get used to it.

You can buy the Karate wears. Please order it to your instructor with your body size.  

     1) Karate wear

     2) Karate pant

     3) White belt

10,000 yen

You can buy the Karate gloves. Please order it to your instructor with your body size.  

     1) White gloves

3,000 yen

You can buy the Karate gloves. Please order it to your instructor with your body size.  

     1) White leg supporters

3,000 yen


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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